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On the Go- RetroChic Kit

Summer favorites: 

  1. Bag
  2. Facial Hydration Mist 3oz
  3. Body Oil 3oz
  4. Bath soak 1oz
  5. Body Butter 1oz
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The basics for summer hotness all together in one kit! 

( A great deal, if bought separately, it would be $125 total. )

  1. medium tone rose blush  
  2. deep wine tone blush
  3. champagne gold eyeshadow
  4. pewter silver eyeshadow
  5. solid black eyeshadow
  6. black waterproof eyeliner
  7. Deep Brown powder that can be used as a bronzer, contour, or crease blend
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Bronzer/Contour fan brush

Thick and fluffy for application of bronzer, highlighter, or contour. 

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